In Results

An Omnis Law Group client was saved from a mandatory 90 day jail sentence and a 1 year license suspension thanks to the efforts of criminal defense attorney Curt Norcini.  The client was originally charged with a 2nd offense DUI at the highest tier.  The penalties for this DUI offense, if convicted, include a mandatory three months of incarceration, a mandatory $1,500 fine, and a mandatory one year driver’s license suspension.  Through careful research, posturing, and negotiation Omnis Partner and experienced DUI attorney Curt Norcini was able to resolve the case with a much lesser sentence:  a 6 month period of supervised probation, $300 fine, and no driver’s license suspension.  The client was very pleased that he retained an experienced DUI defense attorney and that he avoided jail, saved a significant amount of money on fines, and kept his driving privileges intact.