Have you ever been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania? Was the case dismissed? Were charges dropped? Has more than ten years passed? If so, did you have your criminal record sealed or expunged? Taking the time to educate yourself on this process can go a long way toward ensuring that potential employers, schools & educational institutions, family, friends, and even significant others see you and your reputation in the best possible light.

If you were charged with a crime in Pennsylvania and later become eligible, expungement or sealing of your criminal record is not automatic. Even if you beat the case or if some or all of the charges were withdrawn by the prosecutor, all charges remain on your record.

An expungement or sealing of records takes at least six months to complete and in some cases can take even longer. The experienced expungement attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC will charge a one-time fee (amount determined by the nature and number of eligible charges) and guide you through the entire process which includes preparing and filing the petition, attending all necessary hearings, and finally – and most importantly – verifying compliance with the Expungement or Sealing Order ensuring the destruction or sealing of your criminal record in all applicable agencies.

Contact the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC to see if you are eligible for Expungement or to have your Criminal Records Sealed.