The attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC are available to review and analyze trial court records and other legal documents; we research and analyze relevant case law; we isolate and frame the most compelling and viable appellate issues; we then draft persuasive briefs and present the most effective arguments in court. Having an experienced appellate attorney on your side maximizes the opportunity for a favorable result.

Some of the appellate areas where the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC can help are: criminal convictions, summary appeals for traffic offenses, child support and custody orders, contract disputes and other civil matters. If the case did not go your way at trial, you can count on the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC to review the appellate issues and advise as to the best course moving forward. For criminal matters, the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC have extensive experience in Appeals to the Superior Court and Supreme Court. We have handled hundreds of Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petitions and have extensive resources available to address all Post-Conviction and appellate issues.

At Omnis Law Group, LLC, we have successfully advocated for our clients in both criminal and civil matters before both the state and federal appellate courts. Note that timing is often critical when filing appeals; set up your free initial consultation now to insure that you do not miss an appeals deadline in your case.