At Omnis Law Group, LLC we provide our clients with Aggressive, Professional, Experienced representation to ensure that all of their legal rights are protected and defended. With three former State and Federal Prosecutors, we have the ability to handle all types of criminal matters whether in the State or Federal Courts. Our attorneys have handled cases involving the Death Penalty, Homicide, Drug Delivery and Drug Trafficking Crimes, Theft, Fraud, violent offenses such as Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Domestic Violence. On staff is a former prosecutor who was once the head of the Insurance Fraud Task Force.

At Omnis Law Group, LLC we represent individuals charged with white collar crimes. You need to know these investigations and charges are taken very seriously by the prosecuting attorneys and you should contact an attorney for your defense that has the experience to successfully represent your interests.

Securities Fraud, including Insider Trading and Stock Fraud and other White collar crimes are very complex crimes. Federal and state law enforcement agencies and prosecutors often investigate these cases for many months, and even years, before filing any charges against you. Unlike some criminal cases white collar and fraud offenses typically involve incidents well in the past and involve large volumes of documents, including business records and banking records. Appropriately preparing for and defending such cases is therefore time- and labor-intensive. Retaining an experienced white collar defense attorney as soon as possible allows your defense team the time and opportunity to resolve your case appropriately. In some instances, the defendant in a fraud or white collar criminal case is aware that he or she is being investigated long before formal charges are filed.  This is the ideal time to hire an experienced defense attorney that can advocate for your rights. At Omnis Law Group, LLC we have the attorneys on staff to successfully advocate for your legal rights. We will aggressively pursue all possible defenses in order to successfully obtain the best possible result.