In some situations, both spouses have agreed to end their marriage; however, each may have different wishes as to custody of the children and division of marital assets. Divorce becomes more complex when the parties (one or both) have high incomes and valuable assets. The Aggressive, Experienced, Professional attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC will fight for you to ensure that all property is divided fairly and that support and custody issues are addressed.

The experienced Family Law attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC have previously worked to negotiate amicable settlements and we have fought on behalf of our clients in the courtroom. Each case is different and the facts will help determine the best options for each client. Whether you already filed for divorce or if your spouse served you with notice of their filing, the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC will assist you in understanding the complexities of divorce, physical child custody, legal child custody, child support, and spousal support. After meeting with you to fully assess and understand your goals and the facts of your situation, our attorneys can assist you in understanding and assessing the options in your case.