At Omnis Law Group, LLC we provide our clients with Aggressive, Professional, Experienced representation to ensure that all of their legal rights are protected and defended. With three former State and Federal Prosecutors, we have the ability to handle all types of criminal matters. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of DUI cases, including many trials and acquittals.

Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense. A conviction for DUI can result in a loss of your driver’s license, mandatory incarceration and significant statutory fines. A conviction may also cause your insurance rates to rise. At Omnis Law Group, LLC we have successfully defended scores of individuals who are charged with DUI. We are familiar with the DUI laws, the types of field sobriety tests and procedures used by law enforcement, and the science behind chemical testing. We have the experience to know when your legal rights were infringed upon. If you or someone you know was charged with DUI, the attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC are here to help. Call now to schedule your free initial consultation.