At Omnis Law Group, LLC we have experienced slip and fall accident attorneys to represent people who are injured throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. We understand that serious injuries can have a lifelong impact on our clients. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip & fall accident, we may be able to help you. Slip accidents, trip accidents, and fall accidents can result in painful and debilitating injuries.

Our attorneys have years of experience helping those injured in slip and fall accidents. Our attorneys fight to obtain financial compensation from the responsible parties. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere: grocery store, convenient store, office building, private home, just to name a few places. If your slip and fall was caused by improper maintenance, poor lighting, damaged walking surfaces, uneven pavement or flooring, debris on the floor, contact Omnis Law Group, LLC now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our attorneys work to prove that your injuries were caused by the inadequate conditions on another party’s property. It is important that you contact our southeastern Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers promptly so that we can examine the accident site, preserve critical evidence, and start the process of building your case. You may have claims for current and future medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. The attorneys of Omnis Law Group, LLC are known and respected for obtaining substantial insurance settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients.