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Stay Safe & Avoid Citations on March 30th.  Wednesday, March 30, 2022, has been designated as a statewide aggressive driving coordinated enforcement day in Pennsylvania. In a press release, Pennsylvania State Police Col. Robert Evanchick announced that “Troopers and local law enforcement will be conducting targeted enforcement with the goal of reducing the number of aggressive driving crashes…. These crashes can be prevented by slowing down and limiting distractions behind the wheel.”

According to the most recent Pennsylvania crash data available, in 2020 there were more than 5,500 aggressive driving crashes resulting in 91 deaths and more than  four hundred serious injuries. The 2021 data, although not yet fully compiled, is looking worse, indicating that aggressive driving crash fatalities increased by almost 40%.

Police traffic stopPA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton, in a written press release, stated that his agency is “…finding that many have forgotten safe-driving behaviors and may also experience higher levels of distraction and stress…. [especially w]ith the return to the road and more normal work and school schedules [post-COVID].” Compton cites heavy traffic and rushed drivers as two major triggers of aggressive driving and concludes that such driving “plays a major role in crashes and fatal collisions [across Pennsylvania].”

Wednesday’s targeted enforcement day is the kick-off of a larger action plan to address aggressive driving across the Commonwealth. This new enforcement wave will last almost four weeks, ending on April 24th. Local and state law enforcement from more than 300 municipal police departments will focus on speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, and work zone infractions. Police will concentrate their efforts on roads known to experience a high number of aggressive-driving crashes.

Be careful and cautious while driving – not only for the next four weeks, but always. Your safety and that of your passengers and fellow travelers on the road depends on it.

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