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In his continued commitment to the betterment of the practice of law, Omnis Law Group founding partner Steven Pacillio shared his knowledge of digital evidence with members of the Chester County Bar Association (CCBA).

Steven Pacillio, Esq. at the CCBA Criminal Justice Symposium, 06/04/2024

On June 4, 2024 the Criminal Justice Section of the CCBA hosted its Criminal Justice Symposium.  Among the invited speakers was Omnis Law Group’s own Steven Pacillio. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Pacillio had a distinguished career in the Information Technology field where he specialized in computer design, network implementation, and network security. He brings these skills to the practice of law where he has repeatedly been recognized as a subject matter expert in digital evidence. In addition to representing clients Steve also serves as a consultant and expert witness, assisting fellow attorneys in litigation matters involving advanced technology and computer forensics in both State and Federal courts.

Steve presented “Mastering Digital Evidence for Criminal Defense Attorneys.” In this session, attendees were taught how to properly handle digital evidence, as this is a crucial skill for defense attorneys who aim to provide the best possible representation for their clients. This comprehensive session addressed several critical aspects of digital evidence – from search warrants to consent searches, authentication to admissibility – ensuring that all participants left with a thorough understanding of how to leverage the proper handling of digital evidence in their criminal defense strategies.

Attorney Pacillio would like to extend his gratitude to the CCBA for inviting him to speak at the Criminal Justice Symposium, and a special thanks to Meredith Barr, CCBA’s Education & Outreach Administrator, for her diligent efforts in organizing the symposium.

If you are facing criminal charges that involve digital evidence or if you are an attorney handling a case with digital evidence (criminal or civil), you should contact Steven Pacillio, Esq. to explore how he can help with your case. Getting the right people on your side is the first step to getting the best resolution for your case. The initial consultation is always free.

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