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Attorneys Gene Jarrell, Joe Lesniak, & Steve Pacillio alongside Paralegal Lisa Bollinger

Thanks to the Delaware County Paralegal Association (DCPA) and the Delaware County Bar Association (DCBA) for inviting Omnis Law Group Partner Steven Pacillio, Esq. to present alongside fellow attorneys Eugene Jarrell and Joseph Lesniak at today’s Continuing Legal Education Seminar. After the seminar, Steve said, “It’s always great to see so many familiar faces in the audience and to present before an engaged group of colleagues. I’m truly honored to be here.”

The seminar, Criminal Expungement and Beyond – Removing the Stigma, covered Expungements in Summary Cases and Court Cases under Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure 490 and 790, respectively. Mr. Pacillio had the privilege of discussing Clean Slate 3.0, Pennsylvania’s latest amendments to the limited access statute along with Rule 791. All of the new amendments go into effect in mid-June 2024. The seminar wrapped up reviewing the process for Expunction of an “indicated” finding of child abuse through the PA’s Department of Human Services – Bureau of Hearings and Appeals.

If you have a criminal conviction on your record — including some felony offenses — you may be eligible to have your record sealed under an order for limited access. Having records sealed prevents prospective employers from obtaining information of the conviction, with limited exceptions. You should immediately contact the aggressive, professional, experienced criminal defense attorneys at Omnis Law Group, LLC — we are here to help.

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