In Results

After a jury trial in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas last week, Omnis Law Group, Founding Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney Steven M. Pacillio successfully represented his client in getting a “Not Guilty” verdict on all felony charges. Using the skills and knowledge obtained as an experienced criminal defense attorney, Steven Pacillio, Esq. was able to convince the jury that his client did not enter the alleged victim’s apartment with the intent to commit any crime which led to an acquittal on the felony Burglary charge. Additionally, despite testimony by the complainant that he was struck on the head with a firearm several times during the course of a physical altercation, the jury acquitted the client of the felony charge of Aggravated Assault.

The client and his fiancée are very pleased with the outcome of the trial and with Mr. Pacillio’s diligent and zealous representation in the criminal courts.