In Results

After a jury trial in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, Omnis Law Group, Founding Partner Steven M. Pacillio, serving as an Expert Witness for the defense, helped secure a “Not Guilty” verdict on all charges.  The client was facing multiple felony counts of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography as a result of law enforcement agents having recovered two child pornography videos and evidence of over sixty child pornography images on computers seized from his residence.

At trial, Mr. Pacillio effectively and successfully brought out the errors and shortcoming of the Commonwealth’s computer forensic evidence.  The defense was able to show that the initial download was from a different computer than the one seized and examined and that another person could have been responsible for the child pornography.  After less than two hours of deliberations, the jury returned with a verdict of not guilty on all charges.  The client, his fiancée, and family were ecstatic with the result.