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Omnis Law Group attorney, Curt Norcini, Esquire, successfully negotiated a remarkable outcome for our client, who was initially charged with a felony strangulation offense carrying a potential 10-years of incarceration. Through dedicated advocacy and strategic legal expertise, the client’s felony strangulation charge was reduced to a summary offense, a considerably less severe classification in the eyes of the law. Moreover, instead of facing a potential decade behind bars, the client was only penalized with a $200 fine, a resolution that significantly minimized the long-term impact on their life. One of the hallmarks of Attorney Norcini’s approach is his strategic negotiation skills. From the outset, he recognized the gravity of the situation and was committed to securing the best possible outcome for his client. Our client is elated with this favorable resolution.

This case reinforces the importance of due process, the right to a fair defense, and the critical role that legal professionals play in upholding justice. It also underscores the significance of choosing the right attorney, who can make all the difference when facing the formidable challenges of the criminal justice system.

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