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TheftOmnis Law Group attorney and partner C. Curtis Norcini was successful in saving his client a significant amount of incarceration in a 6-figure White Collar Theft case. The client was charged with multiple felonies and was facing many years in jail as a result of the theft of over $100,000. The prosecution had an electronic “paper trail” leading directly to the client, so trial was not the best option. Despite facing insurmountable evidence against his client, Mr. Norcini was able to persuade both the Assistant District Attorney and the Trial Court Judge that justice was best served by allowing his client to remain in the community, as opposed to being thrown in jail. Ultimately and after much back-and-forth negotiating, Mr. Norcini was able to secure an agreement for a sentence of probation only. Restitution was ordered, but no jail time. It goes without saying that this great result produced yet another incredibly happy and satisfied client.

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